Taylor N.Sep 16, 2022
Went in as an emergency when I hurt my back and as a busy mom I couldn't function. They were so unbelievably kind and accommodating. I felt immediate relief with the treatment and will be back to get…Read more...
J K.Sep 14, 2022
Marty F.Sep 9, 2022
Expert care and professional attitude .. I would recommend Dr. Shephard to anyone needing chiropractic care of any sort.
Chris N.Aug 30, 2022
Had a session with Dr Shepard today and he was fantastic. Spend the time to understand the problem and provided a clear explanation on the work that needed to be completed as well as illustrated what…Read more...
Mason M.Aug 28, 2022
I called around on May long weekend looking for a chiropractor as my back was in such a bad way I had to walk with crutches. Jay called me back while he was on vacation and gave me some tips and…Read more...
Amy C.Aug 16, 2022
Awesome experience. Able to get in ASAP when I needed and very happy with the progress I've made with Dr. Shepard and his team. The whole team is lovely and they take great care of everyone. …Read more...
Shannon C.Aug 16, 2022
Dr. Shepherd took me through a tough time after I injured my back in an accident. Dr. Shepherd is always professional, always explaining the healing process, always normalizing the slow recovery and…Read more...
jim B.Aug 10, 2022
I've known Jay for 35 years. He is the BEST in the business by far!
Margie P.Aug 9, 2022
While traveling to Calgary I experienced severe back pain. Dr. Shepherd was recommend by a close friend and even though I didn’t have an appointment he was able to take from his busy schedule to…Read more...
David L.Aug 9, 2022
Outstanding treatment, generous team, always positive - highly recommended. Dr. Jay saved me from excruciating back pain and immobility, can't thank him and his staff enough
Richard A.Aug 8, 2022
Dr Shephard has been amazing for the last ten plus years that I have been seeing him. Always satisfied after my appointments and the staff has been very accommodating with my fluctuating schedule.
Bruce S.Aug 8, 2022
Dr. Jay and his the entire team at Shephard Health are always accommodating and professional. Jay is a true professional that cares about his patients. I have been attending Shephard Health for many…Read more...
Chris and Karen W.Aug 8, 2022
From the front desk ladies to Dr Jay, Shephard health is amazing. Very personable, extremely knowledgeable. Care was first rate. Felt like a new person when I walked out. Dr. Jay asked a lot of…Read more...
Doug E.Aug 8, 2022
Dr. Jay Shepherd and his team provided me with superb, efficient service and results.
Matt K.Aug 8, 2022
Very knowledgable staff. Dr shephard was great to deal with.
Matt K.Aug 8, 2022
Great staff
Lori B.Aug 6, 2022
Outstanding concussion care! Love the early hours as I can get treatment before work & school. Super friendly staff and never a long wait!
Ektaben P.Aug 5, 2022
After visiting few chiropractor for two years, finally meet Dr. Shephard and he help me with my severe lower backpain in 3 months. The staff is very friendly & kind. I am glad that I got best…Read more...
Dean H.Aug 4, 2022
I have suffered with life long debilitating low back pain. I have tried everybody but no success. All this changed when I was referred to Dr. Jay at Shephard Health. The new and innovative treatments…Read more...
Maria S.Aug 4, 2022
Great customer service across the board. Knowledgeable and compassionate medical and admin staff. An embodiment of the “patients don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” truth.
Suzanne S.Aug 3, 2022
The team at Shephard Health are dedicated to providing great care. Dr. Jay Shephard is passionate about his patient’s well being. I’m in good hands at Shephard Health!!!
Jedit V.Aug 3, 2022
Lee R.Aug 3, 2022
Jay and his team were great throughout my visits. They were able to fix my issue quickly and with great care. They were extremely friendly and able to be flexible around appointment times.
Jeremy C.Aug 3, 2022
I had severe lower back pain for nearly a year and tried many things including physio, another chiropractor, and doctors visits. Nothing worked and things felt hopeless. Then I was referred to Jay at…Read more...
Hala Al S.Jul 26, 2022
I had an amazing experience with Dr. Jay Shephard! It was my first time visiting a chiropractor and he made the experience exceptional. He was very efficient and made sure I understood what was going…Read more...
Owen H.Jul 7, 2022
Jay restored range of motion that I had lost for years. I had tried lots of different modes of treatment and wish I found Jay earlier.
allyssa S.Jul 6, 2022
The best chiropractor that I have been to. Dr. Jay does not waste time!!! He is highly skilled and efficient. I have went to multiple chiropractors for my back pain and have received mediocre…Read more...
Adam F.Jul 5, 2022
Great team- extremely knowledgeable and friendly! Highly recommended!!
Shaun R.Jul 4, 2022
Dr Jay…. Can’t say enough. After even one session, I’m 4 hours later bench pressing pain free with a shoulder injury I’ve had for 7+ years and have seen multiple people for. His entire…Read more...
DolceHunnie D.Jun 29, 2022
Went in as an emergency walk-in with neck pain and walked out a lifer. I don't generally like going to any doctor for any reason, so needless to say I was in some serious pain when I decided to look…Read more...
Silvia Y.May 27, 2022
I have used Shepherd Health for quite a long time and have always been very happy with the results. Jay and his staff are nothing short of amazing !! I wouldn't go to see anyone else. Kind,…Read more...
Quentin /.May 11, 2022
Excellent Service and Excellent People...
Dominik D.May 3, 2022
First time trying a chiropractor after horrible recurring hip and groin problems stopped me walking and running for about five months and physio wasn’t fixing it. Dr Jay assessed on first…Read more...
Uriel Galvan S.Apr 11, 2022
Jay and his team have been nothing short of amazing. After many years of trying different types of rehab and various clinics in the city, I finally found a team that can help. I’m beyond grateful…Read more...
Bee H.Mar 22, 2022
Wow wow wow. . I can’t say enough about jay and his team. we called day of to get in not only for myself but my husband too which of course they accommodated. I have been to multiple chiropractors…Read more...
Fatemeh H.Mar 1, 2022
Jocelyn P.Feb 15, 2022
Amazing service and treatment options! Very friendly inviting staff. Dr. Shephard offered me a variety of treatments to treat my hip and shoulder. After just one visit my pain has been alleviated, I…Read more...
Madison B.Jan 13, 2022
This is my first chiropractor experience and I have had wonderful service , I will not go to another clinic after coming here! They have wonderful staff that treat their patients very well! Thank you…Read more...
Katherine MacAusland Jan 11, 2022
The treatments have given me so much relief. Several car accidents and neck issues are a thing of the past. They also helped my father-in-law with his feet. He was unable to walk very far and now…Read more...
Austin B.Dec 19, 2021
Jay and his team are the best! The moment I walked in they were warm and accommodating. Each session brought remarkable improvements in my condition, and I wouldn't be where I am and feeling as great…Read more...
Christine Clare R.Dec 16, 2021
Jay and his team are the best! I've come into the office broken and left feeling brand new. From throwing a rib out, to having my husband fall on me getting off a chairlift. If and when anything has…Read more...
Stephanie T.Dec 14, 2021
Dr Jay is the very best chiropractor I have ever met. Other chiropractors have attempted to adjust my neck but I have never met a chiropractor who can adjust my neck like Dr Jay. It is such a…Read more...
Stella A.Dec 14, 2021
Thanks to Dr. Jay for always being there for me through all of my aches, pains and breaks over the past 20 years! I appreciate how much he cares for his clients and helps us to maintain active,…Read more...
Lisa A.Dec 14, 2021
Shephard Health always finds a way to fit me in and quickly diffuse my concerns and worries about my injuries. I have been a patient for a very long time and I am always amazed at how quickly Jay is…Read more...
Lisa F.Dec 13, 2021
I have been coming for a few weeks my shoulder has not felt this great in a long time the staff is friendly outgoing and very supportive he has also been helping my son and my husband and my mom will always refer him
Julia Ferris Dec 13, 2021
Wayne K.Dec 11, 2021
Darlene S.Dec 10, 2021
After almost 20 years of treatments the care continues to be effective and exceptional. and like all great
friendships the conversation picks up where it left off regardless of the time passed.
Mike C.Dec 9, 2021
A truly amazing chiropractic office! The staff are all lovely. I am always greeted with many smiles when I arrive for my visits. I have never had an issue booking an appointment (even on short…Read more...
Spenser W.Dec 9, 2021
I race dirt bikes professionally, jay has been keeping me going with all my injuries
yonas F.Dec 8, 2021
I recently came across Shephard Health. Dr. Jay is one of the best chiropractic's I have ever seen. I had a lower and mid-back pain, just after a few sessions I feel a big difference. The girls in the…Read more...
Stephen W.Dec 7, 2021
Dr Jay did worked wonders for me on my Back. I was in pain due to a unexpected back injury and was almost not able to walk. Jay make it happen for me, got me in quick, gave me the proper…Read more...
Alison K.Dec 6, 2021
I've been going to Shephard Health for years and it's the service and staff that keeps me going back. Dr. Shephard and his team are always friendly, professional, and get me back to normal…Read more...
Ana R.Dec 5, 2021
Dr. Jay has taken care of our family for years. He is friendly and professional. He has been able to do manipulations for me that others couldn't do. I had great relief in my neck and shoulder and…Read more...
Bisrat T.Dec 3, 2021
Went to see Dr. Jay for the first time for lower back and mid pains and treatment was great. He was diligent and very professional. The staff wore also very friendly and receptive. Awesome experience.
Aurora B.Dec 2, 2021
Great atmosphere! Everyone at the clinic is friendly, diligent, and committed to helping patients.
I think patients would appreciate descriptions of their issue(s) that are more in-depth to be helpful.
Joseph F.Dec 2, 2021
Dr. Jay and Shepherd Health is possibly the best chiropractor in the entire city he knows exactly what my problem is how to diagnose it and methods and how to treat my problem
Khloe B.Dec 2, 2021
Dulce H.Dec 1, 2021
I came to Dr. Jay for help after being in a car accident - after the first visit I felt a lot of improvement and I was very happy to hear that he would take care of my issue so thoroughly. He used a…Read more...
Kira B.Dec 1, 2021
Dr. Jay Shepard and his team are very helpful with helping me recover from a lower back injury. In no time I was back playing sports, instead of being out for a couple months. A very friendly and…Read more...
Shayla T.Dec 1, 2021
Great service. I’ve seen a lot of improvement on my back and neck
Deanne W.Nov 30, 2021
I have had a very good experience receiving treatment from Dr. Jay and his associates at Shephard Health over the past couple years. Jay is highly knowledgeable and experienced in a great many facets…Read more...
Shirley F.Nov 30, 2021
I have seen Dr Jay Shephard for years and have found great results from his treatment. He is an amazing chiropractor. His front office ladies are awesome. They make you welcome as soon as you enter…Read more...
Joseph F.Nov 29, 2021
I always love and appreciate coming to Dr. Jay he always knows exactly what I need and helps diagnose my problem and fixes it immediately
Jared C.Nov 29, 2021
Dr. Jay Shephard is the man! He made it so I could walk and train again without pain. His whole staff is knowledgeable at what they do and great to be around. This is the place to go if you have any…Read more...
J. M.Nov 25, 2021
Doan G.Nov 24, 2021
Sauce G.Nov 24, 2021
Dr. Jay does wonder to my spine. I was so concerned about my scoliosis but Jay has saved it and my spine and posture are so much better now. He is really a great and experienced doctor. Definitely…Read more...
THI D.Nov 24, 2021
Dr. Jay is undoubtedly the best in Calgary. He not only provides excellent services but also truly cares about the patients. He helped me with my scoliosis and I feel way better now. Definitely recommend!
crystal G.Nov 23, 2021
Jay and the staff are very friendly and welcoming. I have been going here for quite a while and feel very comfortable here. Jay always takes his time to assess and treat my issues. Very easy to talk…Read more...
Leila M.Nov 8, 2021
Everything was great overall, however the TMJ treatment was very painful and it would have been nice to know before that it would hurt as much as it did. Moving forward I probably won’t continue…Read more...
Nicolas A.Nov 2, 2021
Amazing service. Exactly what i needed for an adjustment in Rib. Will be great to come for another appointment on Friday
Parabndeep G.Oct 20, 2021
I have a rib that has consistently moved out and Dr Shepard provided a mix of treatments to the area which were effective. My pain was excruciating when I am in and just after one session I saw a difference.
Amber M.Oct 19, 2021
Such a great team at the office. I look forward to every visit!
Jashanderp G.Oct 4, 2021
I am in pain since 1 year and have been taking chiropractic treatments from another place!! Today was my first appointment with Dr. Jay and my pain is gone!! I just feel I got a new life today - …Read more...
Guy F.Sep 22, 2021
This is my second day seeing Dr. Jay I have seen another chiropractor for four years and he couldn’t do wihat Dr. Jay did in one day I haven’t felt this good in years keep up the excellent work…Read more...
Heather M.Sep 17, 2021
So impressed with the staff at Shepard health. From the receptionists to the treatment providers to Dr. Jay himself, everyone is really pleasant to work with. In terms of care, I spent 4 weeks with…Read more...
Callum M.Sep 16, 2021
Dr. Jay and his team are incredible. I went in with a lower back injury. I couldn’t walk without hiking poles, couldn’t stand up straight, and was in constant pain. In just a week I have ditched…Read more...
Tasha- Gaye H.Aug 12, 2021
Colette P.Aug 11, 2021
I found this place by sheer luck when I needed care for a shoulder injury. Also self care as well. Dr Shephard and the staff I have met so far are amazing and friendly! I know I just started my care…Read more...
Melissa M.Jun 29, 2021
So thankful for Dr. Shephard and his staff. They're extremely professional and friendly. I have recurring torticollis, they are always so nice and ready to help fix me up. Thanks again!
Melissa R.Jun 29, 2021
So thankful for Dr. Shephard and his staff. They're extremely professional and friendly. I have recurring torticollis, they are always so nice and ready to help fix me up. Thanks again!
Marie M.Jun 28, 2021
Arpit J.Jun 7, 2021
First time ever visited an chiropractor and what an experience. The best of the best treatment with the best team. Dr. Jay, thanks for helping me and getting me back on track.
Fairstone V.May 17, 2021
Dr Jay & his very genuine & kind team are the real deal. Jay is highly skilled, hilarious and has a huge heart. I have seen him for a frozen shoulder (which he corrected swiftly. If you are up for…Read more...
Ava P.May 17, 2021
My first time visit at Dr. Jay’s: the whole staff was friendly, accommodating, prompt, and precise. I felt heard about my long term injury struggle and could tell I was in the best care. …Read more...
Logan B.May 4, 2021
Felt very comfortable with Dr Shepard. Was very helpful with everything and the treatment was top notch.

Thanks Dr. Shepard!
Catherine D.Apr 23, 2021
Dr. Jay is wonderful. He treated my son and my son loved him. He is professional but also so easily relatable to a teenager. My son felt like he was truly taken care of by Dr. Jay. Thank you!
laura P.Apr 10, 2021
Dr. Jay is great he helped take me from a place of pain to being in no pain. My back really hurt when I would lay on my back and now no pain anywhere. A huge thanks to Dr.Jay and his incredible staff members.
Michael M.Mar 18, 2021
After 2 visits to other chiropractors, I got no relief for the intense pain I had in my lower back for visiting them with a long session plan given to me. I decided to go and see Jay and the team to…Read more...
Erica K.Mar 3, 2021
Glad to have found Dr. Jay! My shoulder have been in pain for years and from the very first visit i have seen a lot of improvement in the movement of shoulder and arm. I can finally cook with both…Read more...
Darren S.Feb 10, 2021
I've had lower back issues for years and this was my first ever visit to a chiropractor. Dr. Shepard and his team were really friendly and professional. They helped me understand the source of my…Read more...
UZAIRFeb 3, 2021
I can not say enough good things about Dr. Jay. He is a magician. Couple of days ago, I pulled something in my back. It was so painful that I couldn't stand, sit or lie down. My family wanted me to…Read more...
Lem B.Jan 31, 2021
I had a shoulder problem for more than a year and tried so many clinics but it was only when i went to Shephard Health that I saw improvement. Dr. jay really knows his stuff and very competent. I am…Read more...
Jenna T.Jan 25, 2021
Jay is awesome! Everyone that works there is so polite & professional! I came to Jay with some low back pain & had symptoms alleviated after just one treatment! I highly recommend his services to…Read more...
David H.Jan 19, 2021
Dr. Jay really helped me with neck pain, not once but twice, I first discovered him over 10 years ago and the pain I experienced that day literally faded in the middle of a treatment. Fast forward…Read more...
Sidnee R.Jan 16, 2021
This was my first experience at a chiropractor. Jay Shephard was extremely professional, knowledgeable and comforting as I was nervous. Not to mention that he did a wonderful job on my readjustment…Read more...
Ian S.Jan 14, 2021
Lyndsey T.Jan 14, 2021
Alexandria S.Dec 9, 2020
If I could annoyingly share the joy that Dr. Jay brings me in terms of improving my health with everyone I knew - I would and do! I tried for 4 years to get my impinged fat-pad of a knee to function…Read more...
Nicholas C.Nov 27, 2020
Dr. Jay Shepard and team are fantastic! Every visit has been very positive, with pain relief starting after just my first appointment . Dr. Shepard truly cares about his patients, he is…Read more...
Jon I.Nov 27, 2020
Great service!
Mackenzi C.Nov 19, 2020
Olivia T.Nov 18, 2020
Took a leap and tested out a new chiropractor and I am so happy I did! Shepard health offers such an immersive take on treatment. You won't just receive adjustments, but a variety of treatments…Read more...
Lisa P.Nov 16, 2020
Dr. Shephard is a Wizard. I was in so much pain from a vehicle accident. I couldn’t stand, Climb stairs, sit, sleep or sneeze without pain. The type of pain that brought tears to my eyes and the…Read more...
Sioney M.Nov 13, 2020
The service is awesome. All the staff are friendly and the service is excellent. My treatments are going well. Thank you..
T. Y.Nov 12, 2020
Recommend, Recommend, Recommend!! I said it three times, yes I did! One of my best experiences thus far from a Chiropractic Clinic. Dr. Shepard gives expert advice and his staff is so friendly and…Read more...
Anna S.Nov 9, 2020
Went in for my first visit today and was very pleased with the level of care and comfort. Very little pain involved in the treatments which I appreciated. Looking forward to continued visits and recovery!
Michael Vander S.Nov 4, 2020
Great service & experience, real professionals.
Taras B.Nov 3, 2020
Dr. Jay and his office are amazing. Really looking after the client and providing exceptional service. Booking in was always available and easy to do on line and through the phone. I would highly…Read more...
Tarun F.Nov 3, 2020
Danielle C.Oct 27, 2020
As a first time chiro user, I asked a ton of questions and all the staff were extremely friendly and helpful!
Megan L.Oct 16, 2020
Dr. Shephard and his team are amazing!! They are all so warm and welcoming, and really take the time to listen to your concerns and make you feel comfortable. The treatment provided (Active Release…Read more...
Cole R.Oct 15, 2020
Shephard Health has got me back on my feet again, after being diagnosed with two herniated disc and degenerative disc disease the only person that could help me aside from a surgeon was Jay Shephard. …Read more...
Trevor B.Oct 15, 2020
Runners - Jay is an expert and keeps me training & racing! I have had many issues, and Jay has always got me back to 100% within weeks. I’ve had issues with hip alignment & planter fasciitis,…Read more...
kassi B.Oct 9, 2020
Dwayne M.Oct 6, 2020
Ainsley S.Oct 3, 2020
I have been going to Shephard Health for a few months now. I am really happy with the results I have been seeing. My back hurts less and so does my neck. Thank you, Jay and Graeme for everything you have done for me!
Whitney L.Oct 3, 2020
Running has been my life day in and day out for years. With that comes the risk of over use and injury. I encountered an foot injury which for the first time limited my ability to be able to run. Dr…Read more...
Justina W.Oct 1, 2020
Highly recommend Shepard Health for a thorough and effective chiropractic adjustment. I love the added touch of a heating pad to relax any tight or stubborn muscles. Staff is extremely friendly and…Read more...
Pauline W.Oct 1, 2020
Dr Jay Shephard and his team have helped me tremendously over many years. Whenever I suffer an injury, they're the first place I call. I recover fast and experience less pain with Dr…Read more...
Shelley W.Sep 30, 2020
I have been a client of Dr Jay Shephard for years and his team and service have always been professional and effective. Whether it has been a regularly scheduled appointment or an emergency I have…Read more...
celeste S.Sep 30, 2020
Excellent service! Friendly and helpful staff, neat and clean offices. I had hurt my neck badly and they saw to me right away and made everything better. Dr Shephard is knowledgeable to all…Read more...
Kim S.Sep 29, 2020
Jay and his team has consistently performed chiro and physio services that have allowed me to participate in my sports endeavors. Jay has been established a long time, for me over 20 years and…Read more...
Larry S.Sep 28, 2020
My experience has been very satisfactory and I know Dr. Shepard has my best interest in mind. A breath of fresh air in an others wise robotic health care system... Larry
Kerry K.Sep 28, 2020
Excellent first experience. Dr. Shepherd genuinely cared about healing my injury!
Ashlynn P.Sep 28, 2020
A chiropractor who genuinely wants to help you heal and is successful at that. Thankful I found Dr. Shephard who has helped me with my injuries tremendously!!
Bryan M.Sep 28, 2020
I've been going to Dr. Jay for more than 20 years and have never experienced anything but amazing service and, more importantly, results. Throughout the years, I've suffered from injuries to my neck,…Read more...
Matt D.Sep 28, 2020
Thanks for getting me back to normal in such a short time. Your insight saved me weeks of pain and I now have my life back. Thanks also for your flexibility with appointments and accommodating me.
Thea K.Sep 28, 2020
I've been going for 5 years now, since a car accident. Jay and the team are warm
welcoming, and really get to know you. I actually really look forward to going!
Shadi El B.Sep 28, 2020
Dr. Jay helped me with an SI injury and did wonders for me. He's a really nice guy and all of his staff are excellent to deal with. Will definitely be recommending Sheppard health to my family and friends.
Bruce P.Sep 27, 2020
I’ve been a regular client of Shephard Health for a number of years. As an avid runner and cyclist, the treatment I receive from Dr. Jay and the other professionals at Shephard Heath contributes to…Read more...
Jill C.Sep 26, 2020
Jay and the staff at Shephard Health go above and beyond to ensure the highest standard of care is taken in injury and sport recovery. A visit into the office is always a pleasant effective…Read more...
Shawna Y.Sep 24, 2020
I am a long-distance runner and have completed four world marathon majors and three Boston Marathons in three years. During a peak training week in Phoenix Arizona I was preparing for the Boston…Read more...
Kyla C.Sep 24, 2020
Katie E.Sep 24, 2020
I have been visiting Shephard Health for a couple of years now and I always leave with a spring in my step. Dr. Jay is an amazing chiropractor who has over 20 years of experience and is truly…Read more...
Leann K.Sep 23, 2020
Dr Jay and his staff continue to keep my back healthy. On time flexible treatment appointments. Always welcomed with a smile when I enter the office.
Joey S.Sep 23, 2020
Jay Shepard has been amazing. Great attitude and always there to help and find away to make you feel better. Great office space and all the staff are very friendly and accommodating.
Jenna S.Sep 22, 2020
Curtis S.Sep 22, 2020
Dr. Shephard and his team are always professional and attentive at every appointment. As a former athlete I've got all kinds of nagging aches pains and sprains, and he looks after every one as if it…Read more...
Benjamin H.Sep 22, 2020
I have had a number of sports injuries over the past two years and Jay and his crew have been amazing at getting me back on an even keel every time. The knowledgeable and friendly staff at Shephard…Read more...
Mike M.Sep 21, 2020
Very knowledgeable, friendly and thorough. I feel I’m in good hands.
Bridget C.Sep 19, 2020
Dr. Jay and his amazing staff have been simply incredible during my treatment and recovery process after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. They have a great team atmosphere and I genuinely…Read more...
Jamie M.Sep 17, 2020
I just started going to Shephard Health & so far I LOVE it. I was told about Shephard Health by my dad, who also saw amazing results. Dr. Shephard seems like the first person who is confident and…Read more...
Emily S.Sep 17, 2020
Dr. Jay and the entire team at Shepard health are completely wonderful! Everyone I have interacted with has been so personable yet professional, welcoming and genuine. Dr. Jay is an expert in his…Read more...
Tyler S.Sep 17, 2020
I have been on the hunt for a chiropractor that I trust and believe in to help alleviate the chronic back pain that I have had for a few years. I’ve tried many different chiropractors, but usually…Read more...
Kathy B.Sep 17, 2020
I just absolutely love this group of people who keep me going. Dr. Jayson Shephard is compassionate, caring and really wants the best for his patients. The staff also exemplifies this same level of…Read more...
Kristin J.Sep 17, 2020
Kulvir M.Sep 16, 2020
Dr shepard and his staff is Awesome and helpful. I was suffering for back pain for two years, went to different places to get treatment before I come to see Dr shepard. He is very…Read more...
Tristan P.Sep 16, 2020
I was referred to dr Shepard by a friend. I couldn’t be happier!! He has solved the problem in my neck I have been dealing with for a while. I live on the other side of the city and wouldn’t go…Read more...
Cayden S.Sep 16, 2020
Dr. Shephard is unbelievable and a miracle! No one was able to help me with my knee but after the first day here I felt better and confident in recovery right away.
sam P.Sep 16, 2020
Had my first experience with Jay today and literally could not have had a better experience with a wellness professional. I'm a personal trainer and athlete so performance is the name of my game. I…Read more...
Dan K.Aug 19, 2020
I have been coming here for a little over 2 years. When we have a positive experience we want to offer support to the business and show others how great someone is. This is different because these…Read more...
Ricardo P.Jul 27, 2020
Today I had my first session with Dr. Jay and Ali, and it was absolutely amazing. Extremely professional and very effective. I had a Shoulder surgery 5 years ago and pain started to come back few…Read more...
Akuwat M.Jul 19, 2020
Melanie H.Jul 2, 2020
Dr. J is like no other. I have learned to make him my first stop when I’m not feeling well. He connects the dots and gets my body back in order. He’s constantly researching and offering the…Read more...
Jenn C.Jun 17, 2020
I was recommended to see Dr Shepard by my boss. Today was my 3rd visit with Dr Shepard and his team. I have seen chiropractors in the past, which were decent yes, but nothing compares to the…Read more...
Rebecca B.Jun 17, 2020
Brian J.Jun 14, 2020
Thank you Dr. Shephard and your amazing staff for taking care of me when I wreck myself !!!
You are greatly appreciated for all the added safety measures you’ve taken during this pandemic.
Dave M.Feb 7, 2020
Great friendly healing environment with Katie,Emi,Ali,Graham and Dr.Jay
Quick and effective diagnoses and great healing plan.
Thanks Dr.Jay
Dave M.Jan 27, 2020
I was in severe pain and needed a professional opinion. Dr Jay was confident as a sports medicine expert and diagnosed and treated my injury. His team Ali,Emi,Graham and Katie are all sports people and…Read more...
Nick W.Dec 21, 2019
Alex is an excellent massage therapist, I would highly recommend.
Amanda B.Nov 27, 2019
Dr. Shephard is absolutely wonderful!! I've suffered from chronic back pain for many years and have experienced many different treatment methods; after just my first appointment, I felt a tremendous…Read more...
Trista Z.Oct 15, 2019
Dr. Jay is very knowledgeable and takes his time to explain your injury and a treatment plan.
H N.Sep 11, 2019
Amazing first experience. Dr. Shephard and his team took care of me on my first visit. Haven't felt this good in over a month since my accident and previous therapy by another health provider.
D. B.Sep 6, 2019
Best chiropractic services ever!! Went there a couple yrs ago for low back pain and they fixed me!! I feel so much better! Now I'm back with jaw muscle spasms tmj issues and I'm already feeling…Read more...
Kaden Z.Aug 28, 2019
curtis H.Aug 28, 2019
Dr. Jay and his staff have helped me recover from numerous sports related injury’s over the years. The knowledge, level of care, professionalism, and consistency this practice delivers is amazing. …Read more...
Gerrit H.Aug 28, 2019
Sylvia and I have been patients of Dr. Jay since 2007. We continue to see him for our chiropractic needs as a result of his excellent care and highly recommend him.
Sylvia H.Aug 28, 2019
I have been a patient of Dr. Jay Shephard for over 10 years I can not say enough about the excellent care he has given me. As a retired RN I have repetitive back stains that he has treated…Read more...
Emy V.Aug 28, 2019
Dr Shephard and his team are great, you feel welcomed the moment you walk in. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Would highly recommend!
Melissa M.Aug 15, 2019
My experience here as been amazing! Dr Shepard and his team are extremely knowledge and friendly. I’ve been waking up pain free for the first time in a long time since receiving treatment. I’ll…Read more...
Connor H.Jul 28, 2019
You have to call jay if you are looking for a chiropractor in Calgary! He was professional and his team had 5 different types of treatments for my alinement issues.
Thanks again Jay
Accounts P.Jun 19, 2019
Very friendly, flexible and knowledgeable team led by Jay. Thank you to them for helping me thru my injury! God bless!
Kylie K.Mar 27, 2019
I am so grateful I went here! Dr. Jay and his staff are friendly, transparent and well informed about what I need to help get me moving. Before going to Shepard Health, I was discouraged about…Read more...
Lyall T.Mar 11, 2019
I got my life back .no more pain
Trio Hombres M.Jan 7, 2019
words can't explain how fantastic this clinic and Dr Shephard are. this by far is the best place i have gone and will continue to go
Sandeep M.Oct 24, 2018
Jillian C.Oct 20, 2018
As a client of Jays now off and on for years he has been nothing but the best to me! Always more than accommodating to immediately get me in with the best of care. His staff is always so welcoming as…Read more...
Michelle B.Oct 19, 2018
Dr Shephard's proven expertise ensures that his diagnosis is bang-on and his treatment is both effective and efficient. When my son had a painful neck injury, Dr Shephard was able to treat him in…Read more...
Colin C.Oct 19, 2018
I've known Dr. Jay for Years and Appreciate Him and His Team - he's quick to help me recover from Injuries and Keeps me in Top Shape! Highly recommend Jay!!!
Adam C.Oct 19, 2018
Dr. Shephard has been treating me for 8 weeks now and I can’t believe the progress I have had. We are just reducing the treatment as I have responded well to his diverse use of new age treatment…Read more...
Christy J.Oct 19, 2018
They are really professional and friendly like family which is refreshing and rare these days. I am just really glad i found this place i highly reccomend Dr. Jay and his clinic to anyone looking for…Read more...
LeiaOct 11, 2018
Christine M.Sep 28, 2018
Known Jay for many years now, great service, friendly staff, would recommend to anyone. MM
Kennedy L.Sep 13, 2018
As a client of Jays for over 15 years, I’m very grateful to have met him and have him treat me. His professional manner and knowledge can’t be questioned. He has put me back together after…Read more...
Cat G.Sep 7, 2018
I have battled various chronic sports injuries for years and although I found temporary relief at other clinics, the team at Shepard Health has been the only ones to make the pain go away and stay…Read more...
Land R.Sep 7, 2018
For almost 20 years Shephard Health has been looking after my random injuries, and I have always been treated with kindness and respect. I recommend this clinic to all of my friends.
Tanya N.Sep 5, 2018
I can not say how grateful I am to have found Dr. Shephard and his team. I am amazed how at ease I was right from the minute I walked in. I have a hard time going to see practitioners as I suffer…Read more...
Kendra B.Sep 5, 2018
I've suffered with severe tension headaches for my entire life but have progressed to migraines and at times, cluster headaches. Since seeing Dr. Shephard and his amazing team, I have not had a…Read more...
Fred H.May 3, 2018
Keltie D.May 1, 2018
I was very happy with the care by Dr. Jay and his team. They were very welcoming, kind and competent. They were very attentive, even when the clinic was very busy. My injury has healed with their…Read more...
David A.Apr 28, 2018
Colin R.Apr 28, 2018
Very professional organization with qualified personnel carrying out efficient methods of improving or repairing body functions at a reasonable cost. Have been using their facilities as required for…Read more...
Mamta S.Apr 25, 2018
Raquel G.Apr 24, 2018
I came to see Dr. Jay with tons of back and shoulder pain. Right from the beginning, I knew I was in great hands! The staff were all so friendly and Jay assured me he could help me and made me feel…Read more...
Jesse V.Jan 22, 2018
Jayson Shephard is always accommodating to fit me into his schedule. He is conveniently open at 7 am which allows me time to get my health needs taken care of before a busy day. His staff are…Read more...
Dhruv S.Dec 18, 2017
Dr.Jay is excellent with what he does, from the reception to the doctors practise I had a remembering experience. I highly recommend anyone with chiropractor needs must see Dr. Jay without any hesitation.
Jeremy T.Dec 14, 2017
Offers a great multi disciplinary approach.Wealth of experience,friendly staff and flexible booking system.Thank you for healing my back when so many other methods failed
N S.Dec 13, 2017
I had heal spurs for about 6 yrs in both feet. I though my only option was surgery until I met Dr Shepard and staff. I limped and walked with a cane- I am 43 yrs and it was embarrassing. I could not…Read more...
shikha shersingh Y.Dec 13, 2017
Marg C.Jul 7, 2017
I think that Dr. Shephard is interested in helping me with the pain I am experiencing and everyone at the clinic has been very pleasant and helpful. I like that they try different ways to treat the…Read more...
Justin S.Jul 4, 2017
I would for sure recommend them to anyone. I have spent the last 4 years battling chronic back pain and pumping my self full of painkillers daily just to function threw out my day. after the first…Read more...
Ralph E.Jun 29, 2017
Ms E.Jun 29, 2017
Extremely personal, accommodating and professional staff right from the moment you step in the office - reception > Dr Sheppard/Jay!!! Great experience and highly recommended :)
Sarah Jane C.Jun 29, 2017
Harman G.Jun 22, 2017
Dr. Jay is the best chiro/physio I have ever dealt with. He's extremely helpful throughout the entirety of the recovery process. Been here couple dozen times and never a bad experience.
MYRIE K.Jun 19, 2017
barbara P.Jun 18, 2017
My first experience was great. Such a friendly environment. I will be visiting many more times in the future!
UniverseSoulDanceJun 18, 2017
Amazing! Dr. Shephard and the rest of his staff are phenomenal at what they do.
narges B.Jun 14, 2017
Nathan S.Jun 13, 2017
Gabe F.May 25, 2017
Excellent service, flexibility and care. Dr. Shephard and his team are great. Really help with injury to get me back to doing the things I want to do.
GaleMay 24, 2017
I sent my husband there Oct. 2016 for his shoulder pain that came on suddenly. Everything we did for days didnt work so I did some research online. I read that A. R. T. treatment was good for what was…Read more...
Nerissa S.May 24, 2017
Dave B.May 24, 2017
Dr Matt & staff where very deluxe!🐷
T G.May 23, 2017
Well managed
Brian M.May 21, 2017
My first two visits included laser and myo pulse treatments and I was informed of what will be accomplished in upcoming sessions to address an injury. I am looking forward to the professional…Read more...
Lisa M.May 16, 2017
Always professional, skilled and helpful!
Nafilia P.May 5, 2017
Lasassafras M.May 5, 2017
My husband was unable to walk due to extreme sciatica from a ruptured disc. We thought he would have to go on disability. Jay and his team got him back working and feeling better in no time. He…Read more...
JR P.May 4, 2017
When I first attended I could not even move my right hand behind my right hip, now I can place it between my shoulder-blades. I was suffering chronic and acute pain and unable to keep my arm extended…Read more...
Kristalle M.Apr 28, 2017
Jo H.Apr 20, 2017
My experience at Shephard Health has been fantastic. They provide a wide range of treatments, several which can be used in one appointment to address your pain. My shoulder hasn't felt this great…Read more...
Marilou S.Apr 20, 2017
Robert P.Apr 20, 2017
I have been going to Shephard Health and Dr. Shephard for several years for Active Release Therapy. They diagnose the condition and then work out a treatment that has been able to get me back doing…Read more...
Patrick K.Apr 19, 2017
Dr. Shephard and his staff always produce top notch service/results!
Chris B.Apr 7, 2017
Shepard health is fantastic, I have had excellent and immediate results every time I have gone in. I have recommended them to several different friends and family members, and they have all had…Read more...
Rita B.Apr 3, 2017
It was a comforting visit since I found that I could get some relief from the pains I was experiencing. The doctors and staff have been knowledgeable and thorough. I have referred several friends…Read more...
Alison K.Mar 20, 2017
Shephard Health is the best! Always friendly, accommodating for booking appointments, AND they deliver results. Jay and his team will get you back into shape and feeling better than ever!
Double C.Mar 17, 2017
John B.Mar 17, 2017
Lots of great equipment and people to help fix you.
Tamie M.Mar 7, 2017
Knowledgable and approachable
Leandro G.Mar 7, 2017
Garth C.Mar 7, 2017
Full service Chiropractic and related services delivered in a great environment. Excellent people.
Janet G.Feb 14, 2017
Great clinic , great staff. Shephard clinic is very client centred, always flexible with timing of appointments, accommodates me coming in early or late, never keeps people waiting more than a…Read more...
Mohammed I.Feb 14, 2017
Excellent service with great results.
rob S.Feb 13, 2017
They are the best
Ribtor G.Feb 13, 2017
I have recommended Sephard Health to friends. Jay and company helped me with and unpleasant case of Planters Fasciitis. I appreciated their care and treatment at reasonable cost. Thanks.
Jatinder P.Feb 7, 2017
From soccer mom's to professional athletes, Dr. J's therapy is compassionate and consistent. The service is fantastic, and the results are real. True Freedom is mobility and that is what you get…Read more...
Jody S.Feb 2, 2017
Dr. Jayson Shepard is amazing he was able to help my daughter with a recurrent nerve pain problem that know one has been able to touch. He has a wonderful staff that is very attentive and helpful,…Read more...
Gabe K.Feb 1, 2017
Have been a client for years with various sports-related issues - best A.R.T and chiropractic care in Calgary.
Ken K.Jan 30, 2017
Amazing service
Peter S.Jan 30, 2017
The first time that I visited Dr. Jay he treated my heel spurs with Shock Wave Treatment which resulted in about a 90% reduction in pain the very next day. He also discovered that I had a 'rib out'…Read more...
Anthony V.Jan 20, 2017
Best in the business, no doubt about it all staff is beyond fantastic and pleasant
Angelica A.Jan 16, 2017
Daryl C.Jan 16, 2017
All staff, from reception, to shock wave, to Doctors Jay and Josh, very welcoming and caring in my experience over the past few months. Great balance of working quickly, yet taking the time to check…Read more...
Sharon G.Jan 16, 2017
I have had nothing but good experiences at Shephard Health. Everyone is respectful, kind, professional, and skilled. All of this leads to a very comfortable atmosphere in the clinic. I get treatments…Read more...
Pam C.Jan 16, 2017
I was in tears when I arrived at Jays office with much SI pain. He didn't waste time getting me on shockwave machine and then another machine. I immediately obtained some relief. As I continued…Read more...
Bob G.Jan 16, 2017
Grover W.Dec 10, 2016
Nothing but the best. Thank you for all the great work.
Leon R.Nov 29, 2016
Kind, humorous, affordable, professional care. Jay is an amazing chiropractor and his team is just as commendable. Would happily go back there for any future physical ailments. . . Not that I'm hoping…Read more...
Amy F.Nov 29, 2016
Greg M.Nov 28, 2016
I've been a patient of Dr Jay's off and on for 15 years. I have recommended people to him in the past, and will keep doing so. He and his staff are friendly and always know who you are. I recently…Read more...
Karen D.Nov 28, 2016
Rosemarie W.Nov 25, 2016
Vanessa C.Nov 15, 2016
A+ Amazing staff that work wonders within your budget. They were so understanding when I had to bring my twins to my appointment.
aldona E.Nov 11, 2016
Five Stars for the team at Shephard Health. . . These professionals offer a variety of therapies suited to individuals suffering from injuries or chronic conditions. They care and encourage healthy…Read more...
shari-lynnNov 11, 2016
All of the people working at Shephard Health are top notch, from the reception staff to the chiropractors and everyone in between. Friendly service and expert treatment!! :)
Kristine S.Nov 11, 2016
Really friendly staff. On time. Only issue is that the treatments should be longer
Brian K.Oct 15, 2016
Whether I needed active release, a chiropractic adjustment or a massage, Shephard Health has always been great to me.
Marc H.Oct 14, 2016
Dr Shephard and his friendly staff are true experts and ART treatment has been the only one to help me fully recover from repetitive strain injury.
Allan M.Oct 12, 2016
Best Chiropractic Centre in Calgary for sure. The team of health professionals are super helpful and definite experts in their fields. The accolades on their wall of fame make me feel comfortable…Read more...
Ian A.Oct 7, 2016
I've been going to shepherd health for almost 20 years now. As a kid I used to marvel at the athletes and actors signed pictures on the wall. I would imagine that I'd be getting the same care and…Read more...
Brent W.Oct 1, 2016
Most helpful and friendly group
Mebs E.Sep 29, 2016
Dr. Shephard is very friendly and courteous towards his patients
Bryan K.Sep 29, 2016
Outstanding clinic. Precise, effective treatment, allowing me to maintain very high training volumes and keep up with athletes half my age. I've been to dozens of chiropractors -- Dr. Jay and his…Read more...
Ashley I.Sep 29, 2016
joanneSep 28, 2016
The service and staff are terrific.
Nadeem K.Sep 27, 2016
Great working with Dr. Shephard and his team!
Adeel R.Sep 26, 2016
Tim K.Sep 24, 2016
Karlene R.Sep 20, 2016
First visit went very well. Staff are friendly and my treatments were painless. The price is great. Looking forward to my next appointment and feeling better.
Attila D.Sep 19, 2016
All staff are friendly and helpful
Jay always helps me feel better.
Jeff T.Sep 19, 2016
Dr. Jay and his team are great!
Very professional front desk and great treatment!
They get me moving again!
C.J.Sep 18, 2016
Juan A.Aug 4, 2016
excellent service, and very reasonable fees. i would definitely recommend this place!
Chantel C S.Aug 4, 2016
Each member of this practice are happy friendly and quick to help you in every way that matters. They take due time and attention and focus on your problem areas without taking that focus away. …Read more...
Gustav N.Aug 4, 2016
Senthil Kumara Raja Dharma, Is a really great massage therapist. I highly recommend him.
Sandra M.Jul 3, 2016
It is with great pleasure that I put forward this recommendation for Dr. Jay Shephard and his team at Shephard Health Centre in Kensington. I recently had some problems with my lower back and hips…Read more...
Brian C.Jun 28, 2016
If I had to scratch my butt to save my life with my left hand. . . . . well I guess I wouldn't be writing this review - with both hands. I had a left shoulder issue for "12" years. Misdiagnosed as a…Read more...
Jules C.Jun 24, 2016
thank you shepard health for being there for me. . staff is very nice and polite all the time. . the chiropractors are so very helpful. . I don't know what to do without them. . started massage with sentel…Read more...
Diane M.Jun 14, 2016
I have been a regular client of Shephard Health for several years now. I am a middle-aged, healthy, active person who exercises daily and finds ART to be the best form of chiropractic care to keep my…Read more...
Kathleen K.Jun 10, 2016
The therapists and all the staff are simply great. I have had such a great result from all my shockwave treatments that I am recommending Shepard to many of my friends and clients Kathleen…Read more...
JP J.Jun 9, 2016
I feel better than ever! Before Dr. Jay, I can't lift much, I can't even carry my 2-year old son! Thanks to Dr. Jay Shephard and his staff! I would recommend Shephard Health (they are very friendly…Read more...
Constance B.Jun 9, 2016
Excellent. No long waiting times, consistent treatment, friendly. Never gave up on me, although I wanted to give up!
Sandy S.Jun 8, 2016
To cut a long story short, I took it upon myself to act upon my son's persistent advice to go to Shephard Health re my highly problematic shoulder whose present troubles ultimately originated from a…Read more...
Ok V.Jun 8, 2016
I needed specific chiropractic adjustments for my back and shoulders. The usual chiropractic scheduling was not to my liking. Shephard Health was willing to provide me with the type of service that I wanted.
Alastair H.Jun 8, 2016
I'm very pleased with the quality and experience of the people at Shephard Health. They have been attentive and pleasant to deal with and overall it's been a positive experience for me. I have…Read more...
Kevin K.Jun 8, 2016
Alexandra H.Jun 8, 2016
My regular chiropractor was on vacation and was in DIRE RIB PAIN. I was pleasantly surprised by the service at Shephard Health and Josh in particular. Excellent adjustment! Helped so much with the pain!
Maegan M.Jun 8, 2016
Everyone at Shephard Health is very welcoming. I appreciate the time and care they give me at each visit.
Denise G.Jun 6, 2016
I've suffered with chronic lower back pain for almost a decade. I've tried many chiropractors through the years and have been mostly happy with my current; however, recently when I was in…Read more...
S. Kate T.Jun 3, 2016
Sue F.May 27, 2016
Best Physio team I've seen even! This team has fixed a few things that have been hurting me for years (even after trying other Physio's in the area!). Great place, definitely give Shephard Health a try!
Pat M.Apr 1, 2016
Amazing!!!Has to be the best in Canada,I have been to several different therapists over the last few years due to a spine injury and back pains.
Finally starting to enjoy life again thank's Jay you're the best!!
Carmen M.Mar 14, 2016
I cannot say enough good things about my experiences with Dr. Jay and the entire team at Shephard Health. I have been a returning patient for many years now, and their treatments have successfully…Read more...
Lori A.Mar 14, 2016
Excellent care! I have a long history with chiropractic and Dr. Sheppard's clinic has surpassed my expectations. In two treatments pain that had been with me every day for 1 year was resolved.
Mike W.Mar 1, 2016
Fixed chronic pain that I've had for YEARS and thought I would have FOREVER in my knee and ankle. Jay and the team are super friendly and it works. Enough said! Thanks guys!
Alexa R.Jan 25, 2016
My mom is a Dr Shephard's client. She had some problems with her neck and Dr Shaphard and his wonderful team took care of her. After 2 weeks of therapy she felt much much better. I would definitely…Read more...
Alex P.Dec 1, 2015
Started feeling better after the first visit, despite being sceptical going in. The whole team is fantastic, amiable and know their stuff. I very quickly felt welcome at the clinic and will be…Read more...
Michael M.Nov 27, 2015
I would like to thank Jay Shephard and his team at Shephard Health for their incredible expertise, flexibility, empathy and relentless efforts in assisting me through my back rehabilitation. They…Read more...
Madison F.Nov 19, 2015
I came to Dr. Shephard thinking that I'd probably over used my tendons to the point of never being able to run again. Within 6 weeks I was back on the trails. The staff at the clinic are amazing, Dr. …Read more...
Curtis H.Nov 10, 2015
Dr. Jay and his staff at Shepherd Health have treated me for a number of different hockey injurys over the years. With such a wide variety of treatments available such as Shockwave, Active Release,…Read more...
Desiree V.Sep 9, 2015
I, highly recommend Dr. Shephard and his clinic. Dr. Shephard genuinely wants to see his patients healthy and thriving. It was a very positive healing experience.
Faizaan D.Jul 15, 2015
I've been dealing with shoulder pain for the last 3 years due to a dislocation. I eventually injured the other shoulder and both my knees in a motorcycle accident. After physio, chiro and massage…Read more...
Alexa R.Jun 5, 2015
If you’re reading these reviews you were like me, yesterday afternoon. I've been to 7 specialist over the past 6 months, depleted my benefits, and still have not seen significant improvements. …Read more...
Carrie F.May 11, 2015
I discovered Dr. Shephard through recommendations of former patients who had very positive outcomes from the treatments through Jay and his team. Thanks to Jay's knowledge and all of the technology…Read more...
Gary L.May 6, 2015
I've had great service at Shephard Health, from the staff at the front desk, who are always accommodating . . . to the assistants who are polite, knowledgeable, professional and pleasant. Dr. Jay and…Read more...
Tiffany T.May 4, 2015
Everytime I go to Shephard Health I am welcomed by the friendly staff up front. Dr. Shephard and Dr. Ng answered all my questions. They took their time and gave me the help I needed. I highly…Read more...
Joel B.Nov 12, 2014
From the moment I walked in, I could tell that Dr. Shephard takes pride in his work and truly cares about everyone he sees. I was there for treatment for about an hour (since that is what I needed)…Read more...
Virginia C.Nov 4, 2014
The staff. . . and I mean ALL the staff at Shephard Health are amazing. Everyone is friendly and welcoming and so efficient. Over the past 2 years I have dealt with various clinics and offices to try to…Read more...
Lisa L.Oct 22, 2014
After 7 months of excruciating pain in my neck and shoulder from pinched nerves I was fortunate enough to find a chiropractor that gave me my life back. Shephard Health was able to do in 4 visits…Read more...
hector F.Oct 9, 2014
Dr. Shephard has helped me tremendously. He skillfully guided me through a series of treatments that have restored my health. Jay and his friendly staff run an extremely professional operation that…Read more...
Adriana G.Oct 5, 2014
Dr. Jay is an amazing practitioner. I've noticed a couple of one-star reviews stating that the only concern is money, but I beg to differ. Despite the office always being busy, Dr. Jay listened to…Read more...
Don C.Oct 4, 2014
DR. Jay, This man works miracles. I am a concrete cutter, I have been injured snowboarding, in 2 motorcycle accidents and 2 years ago I fell 12 feet on to a concrete floor. Jay and his team always…Read more...
Gale M.Jul 28, 2014
Dr. Jay is a fantastic chiropractor! I fully trust Dr. Jay and am confident we are finally getting to the root of my problem. I recently started seeing him with regards to a foot problem that has…Read more...
Jessica D.Jul 14, 2014
I couldn't walk because of my ankle, and after one visit Dr. Shephard had me walking and working out. Awesome!
Peter M.Jul 8, 2014
I have a calcified tendon in my shoulder that Dr. Jay treated for me a few years ago. As my shoulder got worse and treatment was no longer an option to stop my pain. Dr. Jay took the time to find me…Read more...
Pamela de L.Mar 17, 2014
Jay has helped me on numerous occasions. I get into his office quickly. He and his staff make me feel comfortable and the treatments have worked really well for me. I feel much better going to Jays…Read more...
Samantha B.Mar 2, 2014
I began ART and Chiropractic visits with Jay less than one year ago and I swear that his process and approach to my chronic neck and shoulder pains really put me in a much stronger position…Read more...
Zee M.Feb 26, 2014
Mr. Shephard has treated my family and I for over five years and always demonstrates sincere enthusiasm. My experience with Jay accelerated the healing of my chronic rotator cuff issues. His…Read more...
Royce D.Feb 19, 2014
I want to thank Dr. Jay for his most outstanding work in the Chiropractic industry. I have traveled the world and have met many doctors in the same field. I must say that Dr. Jay's technique and…Read more...
Lincoln T.Feb 17, 2014
I finally got a referral to Dr. Shephard when I grew tired of my family doctor being unable to fix my problems. All he would ever do was prescribe addictive medications to mask my symptoms. I didn't…Read more...
Alex K.Feb 15, 2014
My family and I have been seeing Jay for the past 10 years. The reason that we have been with Jay for so long is because of his expertise and his ability to walk into the clinic room with a warm…Read more...
Doug C.Feb 15, 2014
Dr Shephard has been instrumental in resolving a long suffering shoulder issue and more recently has resolved a hamstring issue in a very short period with his ART and laser and MyoPulse machines. I…Read more...
Tina F.Feb 13, 2014
I have been a client at Shephard Health since 2009! when I fist visited them I was suffering from terrible Plantar Fasciitis. I was given Graston treatment over a few months and have never had an…Read more...
Michael P.Feb 13, 2014
I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Jay and his team at Shephard Health. I have had a myriad of injuries over the past 5 years, ranging from lower back pain to stiffness and pain in my…Read more...
Gay M.Feb 13, 2014
I have always been an active person and have seen Jayson at Shephard Health for many years for different injuries. Before Jayson, I had gone to other chiropractors and have never been satisfied with…Read more...
Cheryl B.Nov 30, 2012
Jayson is just wonderful , truly a warm caring man, he helps me with my back problems. His staff are warm and courteous. I have been seeing him for years now and would highly recommend his services.
Dwight S.Nov 24, 2012
I hurt my knee and calf playing basketball. I love basketball and feel better than I thought I would near 50. Jay and his team fixed me up so I could play. They told me to rest it more and I was…Read more...
Dwight S.Nov 24, 2012
I have been active my whole life. I had a pain in my calf muscle that prevented me from running to catch a train or from playing basketball. It went on for two years and I had a bunch of tests and…Read more...